A President Abroad

Historical Feature Film

"At this moment in time I have no idea where the President of The United States may be hiding... Probably best to keep this our little secret eh!"

In 1918 the American President, on his way to paris to sign the peace treaty to end WW1, escapes his aides and minders with his wife. Secretly and in disguise he visits his much beloved English Lake District in an attempt to rediscover his past and make the biggest decision of his life. Here he meets his old friend, Fred Yates, a quirky English painter with a wild daughter intent upon marrying a German P.O.W. But the war has left its mark on this sleepy part of England and emotions are running high. Neither is the course of true love running smothly for the President.. Amidst a series of errors, a life threatening adventure and the devious machinations of England,& France he formulates a vision for world peace and the creation of The League of Nations - forerunner to the U.N.

An English Affair


An English Affair is the story of one Black American G.I. in England whose open love affair with a wild aristocratic English girl during WWII leads to condemnation and jealously. His reputation as a war hero cannot prevent him from being ‘set-up’ and accused of rape.

Against a background of military action, mutiny, friendship, loyalty and love he must face execution and only one girl can save him - but she lies in a coma over 200 miles away as a virtual prisoner.

During World War II many black American soldiers were hanged in England – most on charges of rape. No white Americans found guilty of the same crime were executed. It had been agreed by Parliament that no American military court on British soil could impose a sentence more severe than that of an English court for the same crime. Under English law the crime of rape did not carry the death penalty. Someone changed the rules… 

The Lightning Field


"Once in a thousand years we forget about butchering each other just long enough to create a work of art so much greater than ourselves that it becomes a symbol of achievement for the entire human race."

Take one Georgian Oligarch, an assortment of Russian Villains, a penniless English Artist and take over the Art Market - Simple...


Beneath the Ninth Wave


1939:  Sarah Rhodes watches the sea deliver the murdered bodies of her mother and father onto the sand. Behind her, the raucous laughter from the Punch and Judy Show fills the air.  

The image has always haunted her - not because of the trauma itself, but because of the unanswered question. Who killed them?

Growing up, Sarah’s troubled mind became something akin to that of a serial killer… and took her down the road of becoming the world’s No1 crime author.

Her constant companion - she’s not sure why - is Mr. Punch. A tattered puppet who arrived in her life on the very day her parents left. She doesn’t know what happened to Judy; but Sarah’s sure she’ll find out one day. Soulmate’s can never be kept apart.